Landscape and Architectural Photography Workshops

Single day and Residential Workshops

Colin Jarvis Photography has been offering workshops for a number of years. They consist of either single day and extended residential workshops and they are an ideal way to ‘learn the craft’ in the field. Single day workshops run on most Saturday’s and Sunday’s throughout the year and cost £120 and include locations such as the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, coastal workshops on the Fylde coast and the Wirral and architectural workshops in Manchester and Liverpool.

A single day’s tuition will be provided that covers composition, previsualizing the scene, the best lens for the job, utilising depth of field, composing for colour and black and white, using filters to balance exposure and add creativity to the image. I will also spend time with you to answer any questions you may have about the equipment you are using. Technical aspects will be explored including achieving accurate exposure using the manual setting of the camera along with making creative decisions regarding aperture and depth of field.

Colin Jarvis Photography: Landscape Photography Workshops

The use of filters for dramatic effect will be explored. I personally use Kase filters, you are welcome to use my filters or your own, but whichever option you choose I will help you use them to their maximum advantage. Topics covered will include using neutral density filters to slow the shutter speed creating atmospheric water movement, graduated neutral density filters to balance the exposure between the land and sky, and extreme ‘big stopper’ filters to create wonderful movement in the clouds and water.

There really is no better way to develop your craft than by ‘getting out there and doing it’. I will provide you with a friendly, fun and informative workshop experience that will, I am sure, leave you with some memorable images to add to your portfolio. For clients attending a workshop I offer a Post Processing day for £110 per person (instead of £120) if it is booked at the same time as the photography workshop (the date can be negotiated)

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