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Welcome to Colin Jarvis Photography. I offer Landscape Photography Workshops to some of the most beautiful areas of the UK along with some overseas workshops. I am a professional landscape photographer based in the North West of England.

I have worked as a photographer and educator for many years and my experience as a teacher brings together my passion, skills and love of photography with the ability to easily communicate and teach photography at every level in my workshops, whether the client is a beginner or more experienced practitioner.

My work has been featured in books and magazines as well as exhibited in London, Liverpool and Manchester. I am a skilled practitioner in both digital and large format film photography and have taught Photography in both colleges and schools and lectured at Photographic Societies. I hold a Master of Arts in Photography and I am an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. I have appeared in the Landscape Photographer of the Year book and subsequent exhibition as well as in a number of photography journals.

I run residential workshops to some of the most beautiful areas of the UK including Northumberland, Glencoe, Skye and North Wales, along with overseas workshops to the Lofoten Islands and Venice. I also run specialised weekend workshops covering Infrared photography, Long exposure photography and Monochrome masterclasses. I am delighted to be supported by Kase Filters. Please get in touch if you need any help in your photographic journey and wish to take part in a day of photography tuition, post processing or an extended residential workshop.

An area often overlooked by many workshop leaders but post processing is a totally separate skill set that has to learnt if you are going to bring out the best in those photographs that you have spent so much time and effort to capture. Photoshop and Print workshops are limited to two participants this is an 11.00 to 4.00 or 10.00 till 3.00 workshop  (including a break for lunch) delivered via Zoom or two 2 hour evening sessions, aimed at producing the perfect colour or monochrome image using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. It will begin by using Bridge to open the Raw files, adjusting settings in the Raw dialogue box and exporting the file into Photoshop. The images will then be edited using cropping, layers, masks, levels and curves. Editing will also include cloning, spot removal and any other corrections that are required. Decisions about keeping the images as either colour files or converting them to Black and White will be considered.

For clients attending a workshop I offer a Post Processing day for £110 per person (instead of £120) if it is booked at the same time as the photography workshop (the date can be negotiated). I can also be booked for a shorter two hour evening Zoom session for £55 if booked at the same time as the workshop.

During this period I have moved a lot of my Camera Club talks to video conferencing events using Zoom. The talks last 1.5 hours and often include a practical demonstration of post processing techniques using screen sharing. The talks cost £70, please fill in the Booking Form if you feel that this would be useful for your organisation. I also run group Post Processing sessions limited to 4 people where we review 3 images per person (12 max), the cost of the group session is £50 per person (minimum 3 clients). I can also be booked for a 1-2-1 post processing workshop where we review up to 10 images over two 2 hour sessions, the cost of this is £120 (or £110 if booked at the same time as a workshop). If you feel this would be useful please fill in the Booking From and we can arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

Workshops are an ideal way to ‘learn the craft’ in the field. They run on most Saturday’s and Sunday’s throughout the year and cost £120. A single day’s tuition will be provided that covers composition, previsualizing the scene, the best lens for the job, utilising depth of field, composing for colour and black and white, using filters to balance exposure and add creativity to the image. I will also spend time with you to answer any questions you may have about the equipment you are using. Technical aspects will be explored including achieving accurate exposure using the manual setting of the camera along with making creative decisions regarding aperture and depth of field.

The use of filters for dramatic effect will be explored. I personally use Kase filters, you are welcome to use my filters or your own, but whichever option you choose I will help you use them to their maximum advantage. Topics covered will include using neutral density filters to slow the shutter speed creating atmospheric water movement, graduated neutral density filters to balance the exposure between the land and sky, and extreme ‘big stopper’ filters to create wonderful movement in the clouds and water.

There really is no better way to develop your craft than by ‘getting out there and doing it’. I will provide you with a friendly, fun and informative workshop experience that will, I am sure, leave you with some memorable images to add to your portfolio.

For clients attending a workshop I offer a Post Processing day for £110 per person (instead of £120) if it is booked at the same time as the photography workshop (the date can be negotiated). I can also be booked for a shorter two hour evening Zoom session for £55 if booked at the same time as the workshop.

Gift vouchers can be purchased to cover a Saturday or Sunday workshop, a 1-2-1 or as part or full payment for a residential workshop. They are valid until redeemed and can either be emailed to you or printed and posted. They make a great Christmas or Birthday gift. Fill in the Order Form to purchase one, including how you want the voucher to be delivered, either emailed or printed and posted. Payment can be made by bank transfer, details are on the form.

All images in the Gallery section of the website are available to purchase in a range of print sizes and also as high resolution digital files, fill in the image request form listing the name of the print and the size required and I will get back to you to confirm the details, payment can be made using bank transfer. Prints are posted rolled in cardboard tubes, unmounted, and the price includes postage and packing. The print sizes supplied will be approximately A3, A2 or A1, in either landscape or portrait orientation depending on the image in question

I am available for tuition on a one to one basis. A one day session will consist of approximately 8 hours tuition. The itinerary will be based upon location, time of year and the participants individual needs. During the winter months a full day from sunrise through until sunset can be arranged and the full itinerary will be discussed before the workshop date. The cost of a 1-2-1 is £295. The location and content of the day will be negotiated with the client to ensure that their needs are fully catered for. A 1-2-1 can be arranged for a weekend or possibly mid-week, Contact me and we can discuss your requirements.

I offer various lectures to Camera Clubs and Photographic Societies. The talks last 2 hours and often include a practical demonstration of post processing techniques. The talks cost £90 (excluding travel) or £70 for Zoom, please fill in the enquiry form if you feel that this would be useful for your organisation. I also run workshops for camera clubs for between 6 and 12 participants. The minimum number of clients for the prearranged workshop to go ahead would be 6 and the cost to the club would be £500, the maximum number would be 12 and the cost to the club would be £700. This works out at £83 per client for 6 people or £58 if there were 12. Any number between these two ranges would be charged at a pro rata amount. Again, fill in the Enquiry Form for further details

I am supported by Kase filters and an official reseller. Kase make a wonderful selection of filters. I particularly like the glass grads, they are incredibly tough and are really easy to clean if you get salt spray on them, something that was very difficult with resin filters. They are also beautifully neutral which means I don’t get colour casts, even when stacked.

Their long exposure filters are a delight to use as they are the same size as the grads. This makes it much less critical about where you place the filter in the holder. Rather than the foam gasket being on the filter itself, it is contained within the frame of the holder. This again makes them really easy to clean and there is less risk of damaging the foam seal. They are also free of colour casts, something that plagues long exposure filters from other manufacturers.

The magnetic polariser is the ‘icing on the cake’ as far as I am concerned as it attaches so easily and the adjustment is made by turning a small thumbwheel on the holder. Much easier than having a bulky polariser on the front of the lens, and less chance of it causing vignettes. It is also really well protected from the elements which can be an issue with polarisers if you get water in between the two pieces of glass.

As an official reseller I can get you 10% off the price of any purchases by following the Kase link on the menu above. I will provide you with a code at checkout, just get in touch by filling in the enquiry form. We both benefit from this as I also get a 10% contribution from the sale.

If you want any further information about Kase filters, feel free to get in touch.

If you are looking to develop either a personal website or one for your business please get in touch and we can have a chat about your requirements. Just fill in the enquiry form and I will get back to you and we can develop a solution for your needs together.


THANK YOU COLIN. As your/our workshop in the Lofoten Islands, Norway draws to a close a few words of praise are merited to thank you for your leadership, guidance and enthusiasm for landscape photography. And of course great company with you, Simon, Jan, Terry, Gareth and David. What a memorable week in a stunning location in incredibly challenging conditions from deep snow to monstrous winds, through sleet, fresh snow and hail. Add in horizontal driving rain and the occasional lull, we’ve had it all; perfect. Just impossible to stand up at times with the wind! My plan was for perhaps a dozen stunning images in addition to the usual iconic masterpieces; I’ve well exceeded that, with hundreds of images still to review. It’s a pleasure to keep returning to Colin Jarvis Photography workshops; thank you!
I just wanted to say what a great bunch of people you were. I think we were blessed with some nice conditions. It feels like we had a window of ‘dry’ weather that miraculously coincided with the workshop (I’m not usually that lucky). It might have been a very different workshop if we’d had continuously wet weather. Thanks everyone for all your help, occasional input and friendly interaction. We were a good team. My thanks to Colin who gave the right amount of support. It must be difficult to find the right balance of input. I certainly appreciated his advice. I loved using the filters – having got them as a Christmas present to myself last year I hadn’t really been out to use them in anger, so having Colin there to guide me meant I got quite comfortable using them by the end of the workshop (and I’ve already placed an order on Santa for a soft grad 😊). I re-learned some stuff about my camera too – surprising how much you forgot through lack of use – so I feel it was a good workshop and based at a fab hotel.
For me this was probably the most enjoyable workshop I have been on in terms of not only the locations and weather but more importantly the group of people I shared it with. Special mention to Colin for the wonderful tuition but also looking after us for the duration. I appreciate that running a successful workshop takes a lot of effort in terms of scouting locations, timings and contingency plans and having been with Colin before I knew that this would be the case here - many thanks Colin.
I had such a lovely time in Glencoe with all of you and was so sad the workshop had to end. I have looked at all my photos and I am so pleased with them! Thank you Colin for taking us to such amazing locations and especially for trekking through the sea of mud to bring me my landscape lens!. My first visit to Scotland is one I will always treasure.
Without a doubt this has been the best workshop I have been on. The scenery was absolutely stunning and amazing locations which was down to Colin. The hotel was an excellent choice and I would have no hesitation in staying there again. A big Thank You to you all for your lovely company and making it a very special and enjoyable workshop. I would love to meet up and hope our paths will cross again in the future.
Colin, thanks for a fabulous workshop on the Northumberland coast last week. As always, your patience when providing advice on camera settings, filter use and composition options was much appreciated and your knowledge of locations and how to get the best out of them proved invaluable. I have come away from the workshop with a clutch of images that I am really pleased with and, just as importantly, inspiration for getting out and taking more landscape photographs. I will definitely be back for more workshops in the future!
I met Colin Jarvis a couple of years ago when he’d presented at a camera club evening. I was blown away by the images shown that night. At that time I had started a course in photography and didn’t know yet about ND and Grad filters, long exposure times, etc. Landscape photography has always been the genre I go back to time and time again. Today with a diploma in photography under my belt and joined more progressive camera club, I am at the next level of my journey in photography, or simply “I want to take great photos”. Get in touch with Colin whom I believe most of you may know. He has some workshops with the RPS and also his own for this year and next. I recommend Colin for many reasons. Top of the list is that Colin is an excellent photographer himself. His teaching style works for me. He doesn’t crowd your creativity and provides feedback when requested. Locations are varied and interesting. Post-processing evenings are informative. Highly skilful and knowledgeable not only about photography but also different camera makes and models. All of Colin’s workshop are very popular.
I just want to thank you for my second 1-2-1. You had great patience with me and had a good knowledge of where to shoot for the best results. I always come away with great images and can't wait to go on my third 1-2-1 which is book for later in April. I am now looking into buying the Kase filters as you recommended. Thoroughly enjoyed my time out with you and would highly recommend your tuition to everyone.
My camera filter system needed upgrading primarily because it was producing soft images and also a colour cast. Based on Colin’s recommendation, I decided to purchase the Kase system. To say that I am delighted with the Kase filters is an understatement! I carried out exhaustive tests using my 24-70 and 70-200 lenses. I found the Kase filters produced a sharp image without any noticeable colour cast. There was no vignetting and the camera’s auto focus and exposure metering worked well through the filters even when they were stacked. Colin, thank you for recommending the Kase system.
"I’ve just returned to Canada and wanted to say thanks again for the fantastic workshop in Wales. The instruction was top-notch, the accommodations were lovely and, as always, your expertise, professionalism and patience contributed to an incredible experience. My confidence increased significantly over the course of the week and I can’t wait to put my new skills to good use on this side of the pond. I'm already looking forward to next year’s Northumberland workshop!"
"Colin, you came very highly recommended so had something to live up to! And live up to it you certainly did. We both thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from our North Wales Workshop - a new area for us, but it was evident that you had good local knowledge which enabled us to get on with our photography straight away. We learnt a tremendous amount - benefitting from your teaching style which enables personal development and is never intrusive or fact one always felt relaxed asking questions and seeking advice. We genuinely had great fun and enjoyed the whole relaxed yet focussed atmosphere. Thank you so much, and we really hope to join you on another workshop later this year."
John and Hilary
"Thank you Colin for a brilliant Workshop held in beautiful Dorset. Everything was great ! You went out of your way to ensure we had the best locations for amazing photography opportunities. You really do go the extra mile in providing one to one tuition and I very much appreciated your patience and support helping me in the post processing procedure. I gained a great deal from this and was thrilled with the results. On seeing my images posted on FB my friends were full of praise for such beautiful images which you had helped me to produce. We were blessed with wonderful weather which although not perfect for photography “ No clouds !!” it was just wonderful to enjoy the beauty of the English Coastline without hoards of tourists. I hope to join you again on another Workshop in the future and thank you again for such a great time with a lovely group of like minded photographers"
A huge thanks for a great week, it was the first time I had done a residential with a professional photographer & I really couldn’t have asked for or expected more. What went well, for me, was your organisation, it was well planned & I feel you provided us with great photographic opportunities which was down to your planning & flexibility. You gave choices & responded to individuals as needed. I felt you were available for photographic advice & guidance or happy for us to do our own thing. I felt you delivered value for money & you provided the right amount of activity for me. I enjoyed staying in a house & the flexibility it gave us. I have racked my brains, but I couldn't think of anything I could suggest that you could have improved. I am keen to do further residential workshops with you and am hoping I can book onto a Wales trip next September!
I’ve just returned from my extended trip to the Skye workshop, and I wanted to drop you a very quick note to thank you for a great learning experience and enjoyable week despite the weather! I really enjoyed meeting and working with the othjers, and great enjoyable memories of waterfalls flowing backwards, sunrise over The Quiraing, and standing almost knee deep in a mountain stream (fairy pools) while trying to compose shots, watching a sunken boat rise from a loch……. To mention a few, will remain with me for a long time. I thought that your attention to detail both from the perspective of photography and generally looking after us was excellent, and I will write up a more detailed note, together with a few of my images over the next couple of days when I’ve had a chance to clear the decks. I learned a lot, took a lot of images, made a lot of mistakes and thoroughly enjoyed the trip, I am sure that I will be booking a further workshop with you and it would be great to maintain contact. As I mentioned I will get back to you with more information during the next few days, Thanks for making the trip enjoyable and worthwhile for me, I very much appreciate your effort and work in pulling all this together.


Digital SLR Photography

Digital SLR Photography magazine ran a location guide I produced for them on Manchester

Digital Photography Magazine

Pleased to have a seven page spread about running workshops in Digital Photography Magazine July 2018

Digital SLR Photography

I was asked by Digital SLR Photography magazine to produce a location guide to the Fylde Coast. This was a six page feature showing my images, the locations I used and the techniques. This is a location I regularly run workshops to, have a look at my workshop list to what's available

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Pleased to have an image selected and reviewed by Sarah Howard of ImageSeen

Lee Filters - YourView

leased to have an image selected and reviewed by Robert Canis

Lee Filters - YourView

Pleased to have an image selected and reviewed by Rachael Talibart

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